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Zebrafish's hair cells provide a simple model to study organogenesis and regeneration upon antibotics or chemotherapy. Image provided by P.Yeyati

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Scientific Thinking

The MRC Human Genetics Unit encourages interactions between scientists and schools. In addition to the Science Festival, many researchers at the unit have taken part in a variety of activities that involve encouraging science and scientific thinking among school-age students, and we always welcome approaches by interested teachers from local schools.







These debates do not always involve scientific issues but the motions always have current topical relevance and fiercely argued by the students and are an excellent way of promoting good research skills and developing the ability to argue or defend a particular point of view, no matter how controversial!

For informal enquiries regarding any of these matters, please feel free to contact:
Dr Joe Rainger



Dr Joe Rainger, a researcher in David FitzPatrick's laboratory, has a keen interest in promoting science in schools and has been active for several years in this area. He has undertaken several Researcher in Residence programmes at both Broughton High School and Knox Academy, where students are introduced to world leading biological research being done on their doorstep through talks and practical activities that are carefully coordinated to complement their academic curriculum.

Other events organised by the Unit have been careers forums (to encourage an increased uptake of scientific subjects at Standard Grade) and site visits to the unit. In addition, Joe is also involved with the Debating Matters programme run by the Institute of Ideas, a national debating competition for schools, for which he acts as a judge at local, regional and national events.