Sections of adult mouse testes immunostained for Acetylated TUBULIN (Red) and DAPI (Blue).
Credit: Dr. Emma Hall

The Medical Research Council Human Genetics Unit, a partner in the MRC Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine at The University of Edinburgh, is at the forefront of research into human genetics.

Its role is to advance the understanding of genetic factors implicated in human disease and normal and abnormal development and physiology. The Unit's programmes of work cover the themes of developmental genetics, common disease genetics, chromosome biology and models for human genetic diseases.

Latest News

Immune fault linked to diseaseImmune fault linked to disease

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10th anniversary of the NC3Rs10th anniversary of the NC3Rs

Professors Ian Jackson (MRC Human Genetics Unit at the IGMM) and Cathy Abbott (Centre for Genomic and Experimental Medicine at the IGMM) visited the House of Lords on 30th June... Read more

The MRC Human Genetics Unit (HGU) at The University of Edinburgh is funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC), a publicly-funded organisation dedicated to improving health by supporting research across the entire spectrum of medical sciences.

The University Unit partnerships, of which HGU is one, maximise the resource available for science by fully integrating an MRC unit with a university. The resulting partnership, with the university as the employer and the MRC as the primary research funder, provides an excellent platform for research.